A Tale of Renown fantasy fiction graphic novel published by Smashed Studios

Generations after departing from the Garden of Eden, Man lives and prospers in the land called Tob… but that forever changes when the descendants of Cain return from the land called Nod to reclaim their lost birthright. Innocents will die, cities will fall, and the peaceful people of Tob will learn that fire-blooded Giants walk amongst them.

Meshing the world before the Great Flood of the Old Testament with the titans of Greek mythology… from writer Uzo Chijioke and artist Lelo Alves comes an epic fantasy tale of people cursed with abominable origins and fathers who are of supernatural origins.


A Tale of Renown: Volume One

A Tale of Renown: Volume Two

A Tale of Renown: Volume One published by Smashed Studios
Volume Two Cover Art