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TwentyOne 21: A Black AF Scripted Audio Comedy

Black pop culture and unspoken rules? Original music across a variety of genres? And episodic adventures?

Created by Uzo Chijioke and Courtney Marie Simpson, with additional production/songwriting by Donnell “DWeezy” Robinson, TWENTYONE 21 is a narrative sci-fi comedy that follows the story of Cici and Funks: two friends, co-workers, and roommates who share the same birthday and believe that they’ll unlock mystical, melanated powers on 12/21 (or at least that’s what Cici read on “Black Twitter”). Audio editing by JR Zamora-Thal and AJ Thal.

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Hollywood Confessional

As the #MeToo, #TimesUp, #PayUpHollywood, and many other movements demonstrate, times are changing. Yet there are countless things happening behind closed doors that people feel they can’t talk about and wish they could.

This podcast changes all that. Actors, writers, crew members and support staffers reveal their wildest behind-the-scenes secrets on this podcast in total anonymity. And then you get to listen to their stories.

Hosted by writer-producers Meagan Daine and J.R. Zamora-Thal, the Hollywood Confessional is a biweekly podcast by Ninth Way Media. New episodes drop every other Thursday. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. Connect on social media @fessuphollywood!