Never Say Never® is the hilarious party game of horrible hypotheticals. If you’ve ever been that friend who asks your friends if they would do something really wild or crazy for say, a million dollars, then you’re likely the type of person who would get a kick out of this party game.
The rules of Never Say Never® are pretty simple. During each round of the game, one player challenges the other players with a hypothetical scenario by playing a card from their hand. If the other players would never do it, then whoever played the card gets the point for that round. If somebody (or multiple people) would do it, then they need to explain to the group how on Earth they could justify doing something that ridiculous. Whoever’s answer is deemed the best wins the point in that instance. Players keep playing until someone scores 10 points (or as long as they feel like it). Get this party game today and make game night fun again.



The Basics

To start the game, each player draws 5 cards. Whoever is deemed the most innocent amongst you begins as the Inquisitor. If you are all pretty bad people, then, Idk, just pick someone to start the game.
The Inquisitor then plays face-up the card from their hand they think (or hope) that no one playing would actually do. If everyone else says they would never do it, then the Inquisitor gets the point that round. 

If someone does say they would do it, then they have to explain to the group the circumstances that they would do the action under. In the event that multiple people say they would do it, then whoever has the answer the Inquisitor likes best wins the point. If they have already done, then the scenario asks would they do it again. 

After the round ends, the Inquisitor draws a card to get their hand back to 5 and the next player in clock-wise order becomes the Inquisitor.

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