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WHAT IS NEVER SAY NEVER – A party game filled with hypotheticals where friends can see just how far each other would go to score points

TEST PEOPLE’S LIMITS – Could you ever push an old lady into the mud? What about asking your mom how she grew that sweet mustache? If you can think of reasons why you could then you just might be able to win here

HOW TO PLAY – Players play cards from their hands aiming to play scenarios that they believe no one else would actually do. If everyone says they could NEVER do the scenario, the person who plays the card gets a point. If people say they could do the scenario, then they have to explain the circumstances under which they would in order to earn the point for themselves

WHO COULD PLAY – We say this game is best for people Ages 17+ who have a good sense of humor

CONTENTS – 400 scenario cards across 15 categories (Appearances, Bad Manners, Life Choices, Love Life, Physical Acts, Pop Culture, Superstitions, Financial, Food/Drink, Controversial, Family, Gross, Dangerous, Animals, Historical)

RULES –  Listed on the back of the deck, but the full ruleset for the game can be found here.

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3 reviews for Never Say Never

  1. Karla Russell (verified owner)

    This game is absolutely great and will definitely give you a better look at who is in your circle and who you call a friend. I was amazed and astonished by one of my friends, who is the quiet, shy and very reserved. Well, his responses to some of the questions really let his true nature show and helped him come out of his shell a little bit. We played this game for 3 hours straight. It’s brilliant and really makes you think to try and come up with creative scenarios that your friends may not think about. It’s the arguing for me!

  2. Deborah (verified owner)

    I am lover of dinner parties, and this is a great ice breaker.

  3. Diamond (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased several decks for myself and my friends! It’s definitely a great game to play when you’re having a party, kickback, or get together. You can play it safe or add an edge to it. I definitely suggest the game!

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